<h3>The Site</h3>
<strong>What is GearTactics?</strong>
It’s a website about Gear and Tech. All manner of gadgets review videos make their way here.
<h3>The Hosts and Writers</h3>
<strong>Justin Lee</strong>
Nickname: MikeTwo
Location: Montreal, Canada
Job Title: The Boss
What that entails: Advertising, News, Reviews and Other Corporate Stuff
Gaming History: Started in the Atari 2600 days with Pong and Space Invaders. I loved console gaming because I didn’t have to install anything, just plug and go!

<strong>Glenda Wong</strong>
Nickname: Reviewer
Location: Montreal, Canada.
Job Title: Reviewer
What that entails: Unboxing Videos, Review Videos, Former Techmamba Host now moved to Gear Tactics.

<h3>Review Questions</h3>
<strong>What is the Marking Scheme</strong>
Generally, the GearTactics scoring system is the good old “Don’t buy it” and “Buy it”.